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France                                                Paris Information                                French Hotels *


Spain              Spain Information - Tourism                                    Spain OK – Tourist                             Hotel Search in Spain * very good                   Barcelona Information - Tourism                Barcelona Hotels *


Portugal                          Portugal Information - Tourism                                 Portugal Online – Tourism


Italy         Book late accommodation in Italy                Accommodation List (not dated)                           Hotels in Rome (dated) *                Rome Accommodation (not dated)                Cheap Hotels in Rome                      Florence Online (Information & Accommodation)         Guide of Venice (Accommodation)     Venice Card (Tourist pass)


Slovenia                Slovenia Tourism                Ljubljana (Tourism & Accommodation)


Slovakia                                    Guide to Slovakia (Information & Accommodation)                              Bratislava Tourism (Information & Accommodation)


Austria                Austrian Youth Hostels                Vienna Tourism (Info & Accommodation)


Czech Republic                             Prague Hotels                Hotels in Prague                Prague Tourism                               Prague Hotel Locator *                                Czech Tourism                                Czech Tourism


Germany                Welcome to Germany (Information & Accommodation)                Berlin Tourism


Netherlands                Holland Tourism (Info & Accommodation) *                Amsterdam Tourism                      Book Hotels


Belgium                Belgium Tourism (Info & Accommodation - links)                Belgium Hotels                Brussels Hotels                Brussels Hotels                Hotels in Belgium *



Trains                             InterRail (Train Pass)        Travel Europe (Train Pass & Timetables)   Europe Rail Transportation (Information)                   How to Travel By Train… (Information)

-          Book Through:                0870 5 848 848 (lines open 08:00-21:00 Monday to Friday, 09:00-18:00 on Saturdays and 10:00-17:00 on Sundays)                01766 512400                         Spanish Train Booking – linked too…           Spanish Trains                      French Trains                Austrian Trains                Czech Trains German Trains


Ferry                                 PO Ferries (Portsmouth – Le Havre)                            Hoverspeed (Calais – Dover)                Sea France (Calais – Dover)                Ferry Smart (Information)


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