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A couple of years ago I attempted to find some details about some specific ethnic groups, however with growing frustration I found the search to be almost fruitless.  Unlike religious or linguistic groups, there appeared to be no collective reference sites for cultural groups.  I decided that in my spare time I would attempt to find links to as many cultural groups as possible.  This website is the semi-finished result.

I use the word 'culture' in its broadest sense, including ethnic, religious, diaspora, caste, regional and national groups.

This list is not exhaustive and will never be completely finished.  I have attempted to include links from both the communities themselves as well as studies by others.  As is the nature of the internet, many links will not work due to a hundred different reasons (server could be down, owner has moved or closed the site, bandwidth problems etc).  I will attempt to delete dead links when I have free time (which isn't often).

The site is under constant updating.

Thanks and I hope you find the group you are looking for.

UPDATE!! - Added the new Libyan flag [23/08/2011]

UPDATE - well not really :( finally made the decision that I do not really have time to update this website. I will attempt to clean up the links and add links people have sent me over the past 3 years (sorry!), so enjoy the links that work, hopefully the basis of what I have collected here will help...